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Fifth-Generation Businesses (also referred to as G5s and Conscious Organizations) are emerging around the world. In his book Firms of Endearment, author Raj Sisodia presented a study showing that fifth-generation companies are more creative and better performing than traditional companies by up to 1,400%. G5s have succeeded in adapting to the new social and digital economy. They have fully mastered the subtle mechanics that drive astonishing success. And they are more attractive to the brightest talents of the millennial generation—who will represent 76% of the workforce by 2025!


Meanwhile, traditional companies continue to apply outdated management methods and tolerate ill-adapted, inefficient working environments DESPITE THE EXISTENCE of new work practices that foster higher levels of happiness, performance, and engagement. Traditional companies are essentially operating in suboptimal mode, unable to unlock their brilliant peak potential, much less harness it. They are certainly not making a concerted effort to break free from the status quo.


Learning, thinking, being, seeing, doing and living… differently


Fifth-generation companies rely on more than just the sum of expertise plus talent: they have also incorporated highly intentional soft skills, a conscious emotional and social awareness inspired and nourished by the right brain. I’m referring to a concept called conscious intelligence, which exists well above and beyond the MBA approach that continues to fuel left-brained thinking in traditional companies.


Being consciously aware leads to sharp spikes in human motivation, enthusiasm, and engagement. It generates happiness and well-being on a daily basis, fosters intuition, and shows everyone what their contribution really means. It introduces Human Beings to the freedom and pleasure of creating, and compels them to take responsibility for their choices. It graciously guides all Human Beings who aspire to become Conscious High Impact Leaders.


Is your intuition telling you it’s time to pause and reflect on the real issues?


  • Isn’t there an urgent need for organizations to broaden their perspectives and become more holistic, and by extension, more conscious?

  • Isn’t it high time for businesses to shift from predatory mode to collaborative mode?

  • Isn’t there an urgent need to provide your HR managers with powerful tools, skills, and authority befitting their mission?

  • Isn’t it time to extricate ourselves from daily distractions and devote all of our attention to individual and collective peak potential, whose only requirement for manifestation is a high-quality environment?

  • And, finally, isn’t this a golden opportunity to place individual and collective HAPPINESS at the very top of organizations’ strategic priorities?


It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

– Charles Darwin


Innovate, transform, reinvent...


  • A post-millennial culture of happiness and performance that is bold and unique, on par with the much-beloved cultures of more conscious organizations and fifth-generation leaders.

  • A springboard to help your Clients shift from DOing to BEing, from KNOWing to LEARNing, and from MANAGing to CREATing.

  • A high-powered engine that focuses on the Human Beings in your organization and raises them well above “mainstream” thinking, permanently inoculating them against the status quo and normality, traditionalism and formalities, and official standards and rules.

  • A bridge that companies can cross at their own pace toward a culture of happiness and performance befitting a G5 organization.


By offering training and support to your Clients to help them shift toward a G5-calibre business model, you open yourself up to a prestigious new business front with virtually unlimited potential!


If you are looking for a competitive advantage that is difficult to match, this is it!

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