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Major upheavals in the social, political, economic, and technological landscapes are forcing companies to cast a critical eye on the way they see, do, and live their business on a daily basis. Unfortunately, very few companies are up to the task. The new social and digital economy is attacking the very foundations of the status quo, with institutions, companies, and even the longest-standing “accepted wisdom” caught in the crossfires. 


The gargantuan task of adapting to these changes has become a matter of life or death for companies. These are tumultuous times indeed. The world of business is transforming in ways that would once have been considered the stuff of science fiction. Meanwhile, a global social and humanitarian movement is shattering the rules, conventions, protocols, and other deep-seated mechanisms that have become fossilized through time and custom. A privileged minority has been well served by these mechanisms, but for most Human Beings, the reverse has been the case. Could this be the dawn of a revolution?

How do we ride the winds of change without getting swept away?

Although a feather or two may be ruffled by the frank commentary in this book, it is primarily intended to offer guidance to organizations and those who work in them. It will help you prepare to align yourself and your company with today’s modern reality by joining the humanization movement that is emerging around the globe—a movement that encompasses all Human Beings, without exception.


If you still aren’t convinced that something big is looming on the horizon, ask yourself this: How is it that a growing number of brand new start-ups with less experience and tighter budgets are managing to climb to the top of the business success podium? How is it that they are so easily outperforming mammoth companies with an arsenal of patents, capital, and expertise?


Those who understand prosper. Those who resist disappear.


Accessible and bursting with common sense, this book is inspiring a growing number of Human Beings to see, do, and live differently. It invites readers to pause for moment and reflect on each Human Being’s part in our shared responsibility to build and nurture a living environment that is healthy, balanced, and humane—not just our personal and professional environments, but also our society as a whole.

or Disappear  

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