Meet the future of business

Traditional companies are overwhelmed by the challenges of today’s new social and digital economy. The evidence is compelling: An alarming number of people are exhausted, stressed, and disengaged, and their complicated, dysfunctional work environments have made it impossible to manifest their full range of knowledge and talent. Vital energy is draining away unchecked, causing value creators to lose ever more of their already low morale.


A shared responsibility

“Corporate” reality is creating rifts in the social fabric, and Human Beings are impacted in all areas of their lives, including their romantic and family relationships. Indeed, we are all affected.


Social and economic health is closely tied to Human Beings’ ability to create new value. This means that all shareholders, business and union leaders, union members, and employees share a crucial common interest, and they have a responsibility to see themselves as part of a broader community that must actively contribute to the well-being of the whole and every individual within it.

Reconnecting with the essential

Well-being, the art of happiness, and consciousness are not concepts taught in school. (Which is a shame!)


Today, most areas of life are dominated by “left-brainers.” In companies, the values of the heart and spirit are relegated to the shadows, leaving little space for Human Beings to pursue inner growth... and the consequences are plain to see.


But all hope is not lost: a new wave of consciousness is rising. Increasingly, academics, researchers, and other observers of today's working world have noted that “right-brainers” are blazing new trails toward prosperity, attracting a growing number of Human Beings along the way.


The quest for meaning at work and the possibility of finding a sense of accomplishment in happiness, equitable sharing, and respect for self and others are on the rise, as more and more Human Beings are thirsting for just that. Left-brainers are getting on board and teaming up with right-brainers to reinvent workplaces.


Conscious Organizations perform up to 800% better than the top traditional companies, according to Raj Sisodia and Jag Sheth in a 2014 study published in their book Firms of Endearment.


Could the values of the heart and spirit actually be the driving power behind the “peak human potential” that organizations so hungrily seek?


Peak human potential is not a switch in the brain that can be turned on or off at will. It emerges from a state of heightened awareness and a mind free from all negativity. Add in high-level values, and you have captured the essence of the Conscious Organization.


The Conscious Organization: The Epitome of Peak Human Potential

HOW to unleash peak human potential


#1 Face reality

Dysfunctions run rampant in modern companies, with crippling effects on talent and resources. Dysfunctions are expensive financially and also in terms of lost opportunities to create new value, happiness, and engagement.


Dysfunctions do not happen by chance: they are all caused by people!


Conflicts/Tension - Anger - Discouragement - Fears/Doubts                  Rumours - Negative stress - Anxiety - Exhaustion - Resentment                     Misunderstandings - Intolerance - Harassment - Malaise - Guilt/Blame - Complaints ...


All forms of dysfunction, without exception, are generated by thoughts. Thoughts originate in a Human Being’s inner environment, and surface in his or her outer environment. But what if we trained ourselves to see more clearly and to understand the mechanisms that lead to such negative states?


#2 Stop “managing” dysfunctions; eliminate the causes instead

Detoxifying a workplace is possible, but only through heightened consciousness, which can transform shortcomings into mindfulness skills.


Well-being, the art of happiness, and consciousness are not concepts taught in school. Yet, these intangible skills are prerequisites for a healthy relationship with one's inner and outer environments. They provide the essential fuel for nurturing kindness, enthusiasm, engagement, and intuition, all of which act as a springboard for creating astonishing value.


Expertise and talent only go so far. We must add consciousness to the mix.


“The complexity of the modern socioeconomic landscape means that it is no longer simply a matter of introducing new skills, but also of crossing a threshold to higher consciousness.”

― Robert Kegan, Harvard University


#3 Adopt a new corporate culture

The key to creating sustainable changes in the organizational sphere is implementing a corporate culture that encourages the manifestation of individual and group potential based on a solid foundation of personal well-being.


By acquiring a very high level of consciousness, which we call Conscious Intelligence, Human Beings in traditional companies can develop the skills to recognize and address individual and organizational causes of dysfunction in the workplace.


Can you learn to be better so that you can begin to do better? Absolutely!